Finding the Best Student Accommodation Services

University and college students have several accommodation options available to pick from regarding their stay during study time.  As a student, you may decide to stay at home, reside in the campus halls of residence or even rent private accommodation with roommates. College residential halls are convenient being close to school, but you will have to share facilities even the health sensitive ones. Staying with family members who live nearby is another Secure Student Estate option. Residing at home makes you miss student life which is very important.

Private sector and accommodation service providers understand what students want and even go an extra mile to make customized apartments for students to rent. Students feel more comfortable in rental flats, unlike campus residing halls. in rental student estates, you can choose who to be your roommate. Like the Westwood lodge, it offers specialized estates for only students to serve their needs. These student estates are fully equipped with the necessary resources to ensure students have a good studying environment even off school. Auxiliary facilities such as shopping malls, medical centers, and entertainment utilities are within the student rental apartments. These rental student apartments are located in a convenient vicinity to allow easy commuting to the school. Student accommodation service providers also offer transportation to and from for students living in their apartments. For students with private cars are offered enough and secure parking space in the student residing estates and condos.

It is essential to ensure these Student Accommodation in Durban and estates have tight security.  For instance, the Westwood lodge provides enclosed estates for student accommodation with biometric access restrictions. Hourly patrols are very important to ensure students have peace of mind. Eye scan and figure prints are the commonly used biometric security measures. If your biometric information is not in the system, you cannot access the apartments. Also, the student apartments are fully furnished for the students in more customized to suit the students hence easier for a student to move in without additional costs.

Other student accommodation facilities offered by the best student accommodation service providers are study halls, libraries, cleaning, and laundry facilities. Free internet connection and Television service providers are installed to make students’ lives more comfortable.  Swimming pool and playing ground are also available for student’s sports and athletic activities. These ex-curriculum activities are essential for student health and wellbeing. Considering the prices of their services is critical. Ensure you get the best accommodation services at affordable rates. You may further read about properties, visit


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